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I'm Caro Griffin, a startup leader building great businesses that are great places to work.

I'm the General Manager at Tech Ladies, the largest community of women in tech. We help our members grow through professional development, support, and by connecting them to great opportunities at the best companies. (If you're hiring, we'd love to help!)

I'm also the host of Opsy, a podcast for operations professionals working in tech, and the winner of Zapier’s first-ever No Code Day Contest.

I can often be found working remotely from a new cafe around Mexico City, where I'm probaby working on a spreadsheet and ordering too many dirty chai lattes.

My prior experience:

  • Before taking over as GM, I was employee #1 at Tech Ladies, where I oversaw product, growth, and finance, built a lot of stuff with no-code tools, and helped turn the community into a seven-figure business.
  • I’m a certified Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR).
  • I’ve honed my operational skills through my work with startups like Skillcrush, Byteboard, and Deskpass, among others.
  • But I started my career as a developer so I know my way around lines of code too! (Though I'm obsessed with no-code tools, these days.)

My areas of interest:

  • Economic empowerment — I want to build products that help marginalized people find their voice and use it to participate in conversations they’ve traditionally been excluded from.
  • Future of work — I’m a strong advocate for remote work, and believe that it’s often more practical, inclusive, and better for business than colocated working.
  • Travel — I spent five years traveling full-time as a digital nomad. I'm passionate about sustainable travel and making the work-while-traveling lifestyle more accessible to people outside of the US.



I'd be remiss if I didn't also plug my own podcast here! Check out Opsy for great interviews with operations leaders in tech.